Grooming & Spa at Canal Bark

Dogs (and their owners) are happiest when they’re clean and beautiful! Let the award-winning spa staff at Canal Bark bring out the best in your pup, whether he needs a simple bath or special salon treatment. We have experience with dogs of all kinds, and we’re highly-trained to provide the most relaxing salon experience possible.

Our loving staff delivers customized experiences to meet the needs of you and your pet, and we use only the best in pet products and technology. Spa days aren't just for humans anymore!

Add a salon appointment to your dog's daycare or lodging reservation! After a fun and fulfilling time at Canal Bark, we'll pamper your pet and send them home feeling relaxed and looking like royalty. We offer convenient salon hours to suit any busy schedule.


Our Spa Offerings

From basic baths to luxurious indulgences, our salon staff provide it all.  Call us today to find out how we can provide the ideal, custom-tailored grooming experience for your dog! Some of our offerings include:

●       Bath packages

●       Nail trimming and maintenance

●       Ear cleaning

●       Brush-outs

●       De-matted and anti-shed treatments

●       Specialty shampoos & conditioners

●       Teeth brushing

●       Aromatherapy

●       And more!


The Unsung Benefits of Dog Grooming!

Did you know regular grooming is an important part of keeping your dog in tip-top shape? More than pampering and beautifying, grooming maintains your dog’s health in crucial ways.

●       Regular grooming keeps hair from developing painful mats and promotes a healthy, vibrant coat.

●       Groomers are trained to screen the skin, paws, and ears for signs of health concerns as part of a routine salon visit.

●       Keeping canine nails trimmed promotes healthy paws and posture. Plus-your hardwood floors will appreciate it, too.

●       Professional grooming tools are designed to reach the inner layers of your dog’s fur, removing loose hair and greatly reducing shedding.    

Our grooming email is:

Grooming Prices

         Dog Size                      

Short Coat (+$0)

Medium Coat (+$10)

Long Coat (+$20)

 XS (Under 20lbs)    




S (20-30lbs)




M (30-40lbs)




L (40-50lbs)




XL (60+lbs)





Dog Service

Bath & Brush

Exit Bath 

Full Groom

Small Dog




Medium Dog




Large Dog




Extra Large Dog






Booty, Ears, Nails, & Teeth:

  • Anal Gland Expression(external only):


  • Ear Cleaning:


  • Dremel or File Nails:


  • Nail Trim :


  • Teeth Brushing:


Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • Berry Facial:


  • Flea & Tick:


  • Medicated:


  • Shed Control:


  • Skunk Treatment:



  • Clean Feet:


  • Hair Coloring:


  • Hair Stenciling:


  • Nail Polish:



  • Face Trim:


  • Paw Trim:


  • Sanitary Trim:


Spaw Packages:

  • Ears, Nails, Teeth Combo:


  • Seasonal: