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Canal Bark is an upscale yet affordable one-stop pet facility. We strive to provide hotel and spa like services for your pet in a safe and clean environment. We select effective cleaning products that have lowered impact on the environment and that minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

Air quality is of utmost importance for facilities that provide pet care. We have a state of the art heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation system that provides an air exchange rate of 0.9 cubic feet per minute per pet. This significantly reduces the potential for spread of disease, reduces humidity, and reduces the potential for odor.

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Our boarding suites, cat condos, and day camp enclosure panels are of the highest quality and designed specifically for pets by manufacturers experienced in the pet industry. Our flooring is a high-grade epoxy flooring system that is durable, easy to clean and provides traction for pets. Walls in the day camp area are lined with FRP for easy cleaning and sanitation.

The products we sell in our retail store are products that we would use with our own pets. When possible we choose products and companies that are Minnesota owned/sourced and/or support sustainable practices. We particularly like to support small business owners.

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