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Welcome to Club Canal Bark! Our new downtown Duluth location at 209 W. Michigan Street features dog daycamp with tons of playtime and activities. Your dog will spend the day playing with other dogs in a supervised daycamp environment that includes:

  • All day play opportunities
  • Interactive games and puzzles
  • Dog friendly play equipment
  • High quality non-slip agility grade matting in large and medium dog areas
  • Comfy living room type environment for the small dog area
  • Easy & quick drop off and pick up

We have two options for daycampers at Club Canal Bark:

1. Join the pack!

The best way and most cost-effective way to enjoy the services of Club Canal Bark is to become a Pack Member. Benefits include:

  • Priority scheduling with guaranteed spots in daycamp (given our typically long wait lists and limited spaces this is a big benefit!)
  • Pay by the month
  • Choice of 2, 3, or 5 day a week options to suit your schedule
  • 10% off any training classes
  • Birthday celebration for your pet’s special day ($40 value)

2. Standard model

  • Reserve as you go with a daily rate or 10-pack

We are open every M-F except for the those that fall on the following holidays:

  • January 1
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • December 25th and 31st

Interested in joining or more information? Contact us at (218) 464-4122 to find out more about Club Canal Bark Daycamp.

Requirements for Day Camp:

  • Dogs must be at least 7 months of age
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered- We understand that there have been reports of potential problems with early spay/neuter. Some pet owners are choosing to delay this surgery or choosing to not do it at all. We fully support this decision, but pet owners need to understand that dogs over 7 months of age that are not spayed or neutered would need to participate in one of our alternative Day Care programs until the dog is spayed or neutered.
  • Proof of vaccines are required- Rabies, DHPP (or another Distemper combo vaccine) and Bordetella
  • Owners must fill out an Off Leash play evaluation form and sign our Service Agreement
  • Dog must go through the Day Camp evaluation process

Things to keep in mind when considering Day Camp for your dog

It’s true that dogs are social animals. For the most part, dogs enjoy the company of people and dogs. Many dogs, however, do not enjoy the Day Camp setting.

Think of it like this… Some people may enjoy having dinner and hanging out with a few friends but hate the idea of going to a party where they don’t know anybody. Dogs are the same way. They may enjoy playing with the neighbor dog or meeting your sister’s new dog, but they may not enjoy a play group of 10 dogs that they don’t know and in a location that they are not familiar with.

Though each dog is evaluated on an individual basis, here are some general red flags we see for dogs that may not be good candidates for Day Camp.

  • Dogs that are over 5 years old - These dogs may find Day Camp to overstimulating and may prefer a quieter routine. Even if the group they are specifically in is a quieter play group the group in the play area over from them may be loud and boisterous making them uncomfortable.
  • Dogs with noise sensitivities.- it can get loud
  • Dogs that are uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments. Shy when meeting new people
  • Dogs over 3 years old that have little experience playing or interacting with other dogs.
  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Dogs that guard resources This could include, food, toys, space, water dishes and people- this may cause fights
  • Dogs with little bite inhabitations - A bite inhabitation is defined as a behavior where the animal learns to moderate the strength of its bite. Dogs with little bite inhibition may inflict injury onto other dogs when playing even if it is not intended.
  • Dogs that don’t respect other dog’s communication signals- Dog have several, often subtle, body signals to communicate with each other. Dogs will communicate to other dogs when they are not interested in interacting and want to be left alone. Dogs that ignore these signals tend to cause stress to other dogs and may end up getting hurt if the other dogs warning signals are ignored causing them to escalate their signals to a bite.
  • Dogs that don’t respond to basic obedience commands

Dogs that do well in Day Camp are generally dogs that:

  • Love going to new places and meeting new people
  • Have experiences meeting several different dogs without conflict
  • Dogs that understand and respect other dog’s communications
  • Soft mouth or good bite inhibition
  • Responds well to basic obedience commands and can be easily redirected by staff

The safety and wellbeing of the dogs that come to stay with us are always our number one concern. If your dog does not pass the evaluation, it does not mean that there is something wrong with your dog. It just means that we feel that Day Camp may have a negative effect rather than a positive effect for your pet. The dogs should have fun, not just tolerate the experience. Stress is not good for your dog.

If your dog is a regular Day Camper, there may be a day when Day Camp no longer is a benefit for your dog. It may be because they’ve gotten older, or they may get a bit burned out. It may be best that that dog no longer attends. We will do our best to communicate these changes and concerns with you.

We do understand that for some people some sort of Day Care is a necessity for their pets. This may be because the owner works long hours and can’t get home to let their dog out, or they don’t feel their dog gets enough attention or exercise. If your dog is not a good fit for Day Camp one of our other Day Care options at our Airpark Blvd location may better suit your dog .

Interested in joining or more information? Contact us at info@canalbark.com or (218) 464-4122.

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